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Socialist League Publications

"SOCIALIST LEAGUER" (Published third Friday
each month). Priced 2d. Six months 1s. 3d. post free.

G. R. Mitchison
No. 1. The Need for a Socialist Programme. By G. D. H. Cole and
G. R. Mitchison. Price 3d.
No. 2. The Labour Party and the Constitution. By Harold J. Laski.
Price 6d.
No. 3. Banking. By G. R. Mitchison. Price 6d.

CAPITALISM IN CRISIS (Forum Series, 1933-34). Price 2d. each.
Forum No. 1. The Roosevelt Experiment. By Prof. H. J. Laski.
" " 2. Mass Resistance to War. By Sir Charles Trevelyan.
" " 4. The Choice for Britain. By Sir Staffor Cripps.
" " 5. The Working-Class Movement and the Transition to
Socialism. By G. D. Cole.
" " 6. Trade Unionism: Some Problems and Proposals. By
Harold Clay.
" " 7. The Co-operative Movement and the Fight for Socialism.
By William Mellor.
" " 8. What of the Professional Classes? By L. A. Fenn.
" " 9. The Class Struggle. By J. F. Horrabin.

OTHER PAMPHLETS. Price 2d. each.
Can Socialism Come by Constitution Methods? By Sir Stafford Cripps.
The Break with Imperialism. By J. F. Horrabin.
The Claim of the Unemployed. By William Mellor.
Socialist Control of Industry. By G. D. H. Cole.
Local Government and the Socialist Plan. By C. R. Attlee.
Workers' Control. By Harold Clay.
The Problem of the Food Supply. By Dr. C. Addison.
Socialism in Pictures and Figures. By J. F. Horrabin and G. D. H. Cole
Is Woman's Place the Home? By Winifred Horrabin. Illustrated
by J. F. Horrabin.
The Choice Before the Labour Party. By R. H. Tawney.
A Countryman Talks about Socialism. By H. B. Pointing.
Socialism for the Small Town. By F. B.
Fascism! The Socialist Answer. By J. T. Murphy.
The Socialisation of Banking. By E. F. Wise.

STUDY GUIDES FOR SOCIALISTS. Price 2d. each, or 10s. a hundred. With
Bibliographies and Hints for Cirlce Leaders.
A Study Guide on Socialist Party. By G. D. H. Cole.
No. 1. The Gold Standard. By G. D. H. Cole.
No. 2. The Bank of England. "
No. 3. Banks and Credit. "
No. 4. The Socialisation of Banking. "
No. 5. How Capitalism Works. "
No. 6. The Principles of Socialism. "
No. 7. Forms of Public Control. By Michael Stewart.

For single copies please enclose postage.
Quantity Rate on application.

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