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Dominions and India and towards the Colonial "dependencies"
if the British Empire.

To the Dominions and to India full recognition of their
"nationhood," with the right of sucession, must be accorded,
and with them as with other countries the Government
must seek to establish economic and political relationships
advantageous to the workers.

Above all a Socialist Government, armes with power over
the operations of British Capitalism, must bring new methods
and a new approach to the problems presented by the existence
of the colonies and dependencies. Instead of subordinating
and holding back the development of these countries and having
recourse to repressive methods of rule, in the interests of
Imperialists and private exploitation, it must enter into friendly
co-operative relations with them, with the intention and declared
objective of helping their inhabitants speedily to reach the goal
of freedom.

The economic structure of the Colonies must not be allowed
to develop along Capitalist lines, and must be organised on a
Socialist model to meet the needs of their peoples.

Peace Through Socialism

The external policy of a Socialist Government should have
as its objectives the promotion of Socialism, the ending of
Imperialism, and the preservation of world peace. it will make
the utmost use for the last of these purposes of the League of
Nations, but it will not regard this institution, valuable as it
might become under better leadership, as the organ through
which to realise its ideal of international organisation.

War is inherent in the economic structure of Capitalist
society; it cannot be banished by a League composed in part of
Imperialist and Fascist States, fettered by the rule of unanimity
and based on the retention of absolute national sovereignty.

While utilising the League to the full to attain any measure
of agreement that may assist in postponing the danger of war,
a Socialist Government will recognise the essential unity of the
workers throughout the world in their struggles against Capital-
ism, and will look to those States where the workers are in
control as its natural allies.

Instead of a fettered Trade Agreement with the Soviet Union,
limited in objective and purpose, enshrining old quarrels of
Capitalism and private interests, there should be a new and
wider treaty of friendship. Such a treaty should be based
upon and designed to secure the fullest economis and political


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