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ambit of a Planned Economy until their socialisation is

With the vesting of the ownership of the Land in the com-
munity the way is clear for the planning of Agriculture on
the basis of :--

Organised production of the most suitable crops under
national control;
Nationally determined minimun wages and conditions for
farm workers, with provision for the organised workers in
the industry to take part in its control;
Full utilisation of the land by adequate drainage and
The provision of adequate electric and water supplies;
The abolition of the tied cottage and the provision of
adequate housing;
The co-operative organisation of culivators for mutual
Land settlement, with the creation of co-operative small
holdings centered around market towns and the utilisation
of these towns for the necessary sorting, grading and manu-
facturing processes, and for social amenities for the holder;
The collection of produce for centralised marketing under
the direction of the responsible Minister.

These are the first steps towards the planned transformation
of Agriculture to a socialised industry.

In the case of industries which in the transition stages are not
socialised, it is imperative that the Government should take
wide powers to fix wage scales and hours of labour, and to ensure
that all accounting be open to Government inspection.

The Trades Unions in these industries should be given every
possible aid by the Socialist Movement and the Socialist Govern-
ment to ensure that workshops and facroty committees control
the conditions of labour in there non-socialised industires as a
step towards their socialisation.

Bold Finance

A bold plane of Socialist construction which is so urgently
needed can only be carried through on the basis of an equally
bold plan of financing the necessary measures and of relieving


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