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great to be borne permanently by the State under Capitalism,
they must at the outset be financed by taxation, by the issue of
national credit, by the complete control of investment, or by
any other appropriate means until the increase of the national
wealth under Socialism allows of their provision directly from
the surpluses of production. Poverty cannot be tolerated. Its
victims have waited too long.

A Five Year Plan

These measures constitute the first fundamental require-
ments of the transition from Capitalism to Socialism. But
they do by no means represent all that requires to be done,
and done quickly.

A Socialist Government that falters once it has started on the
path of eliminating Capitalism and inaugurating Socialism is
doomed to defeat and disaster through organised reaction.
Capitalism has created an emergency situation, and only funda-
mental measures rapidly taken can prevent civilisation plunging
into immeasurable chaos and conflict.

The measures already given ;--

Socialisation of Finance;
Transfer of Land Ownership to the Community;
The control of Overseas Trade;
Emergency social alleviation

can only be the first steps preparing the way to a larger plan for
the rapid socialisation of the means of production and distribu-
tion. Within the first five years of such a plan must include the
Socialisation of

Transport (Road, Rail, Coast-wise, Dock, and Air)
Mines, Gas, Electricity and Power, Oil;
Iron and Steel industries;
Munitions and Heavy Chemicals;
Cotton and Woollen Industries;
Health Services.

The distributive trades must also be brought within the


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