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to carry through a programme of Socialism. Mere reform of
the Capitalist system will only bring more chaos.

There must be chosen a Government of Ministers pledged
and determined to intorduce Socialist measures without delay.

Then will come the time when the Government will experi-
ance strenuous and undemocratic opposition by vested
interests of all kinds, which must be firmly set aside. The will
of the people must prevail.

Nor is it enough to wait until obstruction has begun its
deadly work. The House of Lords is a menace to democracy,
a bulwark of Privilege, a certain opponent of Socialism. No
Government, determined to effect the economic changes so
urgently needed, should enter upon its task unless its mandate
to sweep this anarchronism away can be put into effective opera-
tion the movement the Government and the Socialist majority in
the House of Commons so determine.

The Socialist Government must also hvae received authority
from the people at the election to take all necessary steps,
emergency, administraive and legislative, during the first few
months of power to maintain its democratic authority and to
carry through the Will of the People. Whether by the utilisa-
tion of Emergency Powers or in any other way the Socialist
Government must secure undisputed control over the vital
weapons of economic power. That is an essential prelude to
the socialisation of industry and its planning.

Key Positions

But the programme of a Socialist Government must be of
a twofold character. It must bring succour to the wrecks of
Capitalism and make that assistance sure by securing immediate
control of the key positions of Capitalism. These measures must
be the first steps of a Five-Year Plan of Socialisation.

The first position to be won are Finance and the Land.
The Socialist Government must promptly socialise the Banks
and Financial Insitutions and vest in the community the
ownership of the Land.

The Banks are the nerve centres of modern economy. Unless
the banking organisation with its financial control of industry,
becomes the property of the community every other measure of
Socialist economic reorganisation can be frustrated. Unless
landlordism is abolished and the economic life of the country
is freed from the fetters of "rent" and "royalties" the produc-


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