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permanently secured by the traditional method of wage negotia-
tion, even when backed by the strike, in the present declining
stage of Capitalism. Nothing but the united struggle of the
workers for the trasnfer to the community of the means of life
now privately owned and controlled will suffice to preserve the
workers from the degradation of their standards and their
enslavement by a Fascist capitalist dictatorship.

The adoption of this class philosophy by the Trade Union
Movement should find expression in organised demands and
pressure for overdue reductions of hours, restoration of wage
cuts, improvement of conditions, designed to build up a mass
resistence in the Trade Unions to Capitalism. To facilitate the
creation of this spirit of resistance Socialists within the Trade
Unions shoulc work for the development and reorganisation of
the Trade Union Movement. The workers should be organised
at the point of production; workshop and factory committees
should be built up; and Craft replaced by Industrial Unions,
or, where circumstances so determine, by General Unions
departmentalised on the basis of industry.

This reorganisation is also essential so that the demands for
Workers' Control in Industry may be made effective--a demand
which a Socialist Government when socialising industries or
services must take immediate steps to meet and to satisfy. The
socialisation of the means of production cannot in fact be a
reality unless accompanied by workers' control of industry.

The Choice

Socialism or Capitalism--that is the issue. The question
the workers must answer is not "Do you like the 'National'
Government?" but, "Do you want to end that system called
Capitalism which has bred and is breeding poverty, unemploy-
ment and war, and to replace it with that economic and social
order called Socialism, which sets at its purpose the full satis-
faction of human needs, true Freedom and Peace?" There is
no half-way house.

The simplest needs of the workers--food, shelter, warmth,
work, shorter hours of labour, security, freedom, peace--can
be secured only by coming of Socialism. Socialism means
the complete transformation of the economic and social founda-
tions of society. It replaces private ownership by social owner-
ship, and production for private profit by production for use
to the gain of all. When the community owns the means of
production then and then only will the class struggle be ended,
the peace of the world realised and war abolished.

To achieve this goal we must, as an essential step, secure
in this country a Socialist Government with Power, and behind


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