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the polls and that they shall choose rightly are among the most
decisive, fateful issues before the people of this country.

Nor is it a question of merely waiting to vote when the
election comes. True Democracy can only be defended and
made effective provided the whole working-class movement, and
above all its mass organisations, the Labor Party, the Trade
Unions, the Co-operative Movement, come together in a great
active and battling alliance prepared to exercie their mighty
power against the forces of reaction. Only day-to-day activity
against every encraochment of Reaction in all its forms can pave
the way to securing a democratic triumph for Socialism. And
on that triumph depends all that the workers most dearly prize.
The Will to Power must be made alive.

Events in Europe have shown that a poicy of reformism in
the Trade Union and Socialist Movements has not availed to
stem the tide of Fascism. It has indeed led to a weakening of
the workers' forces and paved he way to disaster. Capitalism
to-day finds its ultimate strength in the control of the Sate
machine, the armed forced and the police. That strength is
exerted increasingly to maintain power over economic processes,
education and propaganda. From this control of education and
propaganda arises ignorance of the real economic and political
issues confronting the world, particuraly among the so-called
middle classes.

A Class Philosophy

On Socialists within the mass movements lies a heavy re-
sponsibility. On them falls the duty of constant propa-
ganda and agitation to arouse a determination in rank and file
and leaders alike to tuen their backs on the hope of "making
Capitalism more human." A belief in the necessity for an
economic revolution, a determination to focus the clamant needs
of the unemployed and the employed on this objective, a
readiness to bring the injustices suffered by the masses out into
the public gaze, the encouragement of a fighting and class spirit
within the Trade Unions, the securing of a Socialist outlook
withing the Co-operative Movement, so that its organisation for
distribution of immediately consumable goods may be linked to
the Socialist Plan, and the acceptane by the Political Party of
the fact that the method of evolutionary gradualism is of no
avail--these are the essentials if the Will to Power is to be made
alive. The goal is Socialism. The time is short.

Especially is it necessary for Socialists within the Trade
Union Movement to concentrate the attention of their comrades
on the need for a recognition that the demands for better
wages, shorter hours, security and fair conditions cannot be


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