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to divert great energy from her social reconstruction in face of
the world war-mentality and the imminent danger of attack from
Imperialist powers.

What Fascism Means

Parallel with the race towards an international con-
flagration proceeds the growth of Fascism in all Capitalist
countries, our own not excluded. Fascism is Reaction writ
large. It is Capitalism grown desperate. It is a forcible attempt
to stabilise the existing system of class relationships. It throws
off the democratic mask of capital's dictatorship for the purpose
of smashing every organised opposition to Capitalism within its
national frontiers. It takes the form of counter-revolution,
waging civil war, if it considers the need exists, against the
working class, crushing all progressive forces, leading mankind
back to barbarism. Wherever it has triumphed it has shattered
all working-class organisations--political parties, Trade Unions,
Co-operative Societies--destroyed liberty, reduced men and
women to abject slavery, and in not one case has it solved one
economic or social problem--save the problem of how to crush

It is growing rapidly in our midst, not in the number of
people wearing Black Shirts, but in the minds and actions of
the ruling classes and of the Government itself. Big sections
of the reactionary press have become the blatant propaganda
sheets of Fascism. The police forces are being rapidly
militarised and placed in the hands of "property-class con-
scious" leaders. The air force is being made into a "class-proof"
military are. A new "Defense Force" is being organised to
maintain civil "peace."

The "National" Government is openly pursuing the reorgan-
isation of Agriculture on a "Corporate State" basis, guaranteeing
interest and profit to the private owners at the expense of the
farm workers and the consumers. In Iron and Steel, in Cotton,
in Mining, in Transport the same tendency can be seen. Already
there is talk in Government circles of a "bloodless revolution."

The Will to Power

It may be that we are within measurable distance of the last
opportunity for the people of Britian to use their democratic
rights, won by generations of struggle, to prevent the triumph
of the forces of reaction and Imperialist was. To ensure that
the workers shall be enabled to declare their views freely at


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