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There is a breezy rolling stock superintendent on one of the
railways whose circulars of general instructions are adorned with
slogans in the American style.

"Keep the Wagons Moving"

"Keep the Wheels Turning"

That is what a railwayman spends most of his life in doing. The
vanman, the lorry driver, the bus driver, bring in the goods and
passengers. The "seeker-in" advises as to means. The clerk
directs the passengers and issues the tickets. Cranes turn and trolleys
rumble as the wagons and carriages are filled up. Levers are pilled
and the wheels roll.

The trainmen, platelayers, signalmen and telegraphists see to it
that they roll with speed and safety, and so the round of life goes
on as goods and passengers find their destinations. This is the aim
of the railwayman's existence.

It is, or it should be, and honerable existence, second to none in
society, for without the modern development of transport our
present civilisation could not exist. If the transport system of any
great country breaks down there is soon famine and chaos.

Transport is the blood stream of modern society, and the human
atoms in that stream of life are entitled to a proud position among


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