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unoffending people! I then told him that it had
been published that two hundred young women had
been raped in one village; that unborn infants
had been torn from disemboweled women, and pa-
raded on lance heads, and all the girl children
at School in one village raped, and in all cases the
girls had been murdered after they were violated.
That these things published to the Chritstian world
had provoked a terrible excitement. With an
expression of horror and with hands uplifted
he exclaimed "Oh Alla! Alla! Who has conceived
such wicked lies? Let me die before such things
happen in my Empire. He asked me to desist
from repeating such sickening details, and said
he could now better understand the excitement
in the Christian world. He was -- or appeared
to be greatly excited, and avowed that cruelty
to noncombatants, was forbidden by his religion,
and that if one of his soldiers had done such
things he could kill him with his own hand.

I took occasion to remind him that I
was acting under explicit instructions to
request safe conduct for Jewett to go and

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