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{in pencil in Terrell's hand at top of page}Copy of cipher telegram for Washington

"For the protection of American Schools this
Government, while right of Turkey to punish her
own subjects for violating her own laws, will insist
that native teachers shall not be arrested arbitrarily
, or naturalized capriciously naturalized citizens
. To take position that arrests shall not be made
without your consent. Instructions by mail."

{in pencil in Terrell's hand below the copy} Monday 22nd Oct 94
Dear Wife. I was about to burn these
as usual -- the original rough draught of a dispatch from
which Riddle or [...] make a clean copy, their de--
struction is required. Their contents being known would ruin
me -- but I am tempted to send these from among very
many that I have burned. They were overlooked, for generally
they are burned as soon as recorded, + copied. I feel well today --
-- a day of rest thank the Lord. I dine with Holland Minister tonight
Burn them when you have read them. One I thought might interest
you. Affectionately AW Terrell

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Terrell added quotes to the cipher transcription in pencil, presumably at the same time as he wrote the note to his wife in pencil at the bottom of the letter. His underlining of "required" and "Burn" in the note is doubled for emphasis.