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April 5.

I must finish this letter as I can in intervals of
leisure. We have had shiploads of globe trampers(?)
from New York, Boston and Chicago, chiefly in the
last two weeks. One cannot show much courtesy
to two or three hundred who come to stay not two
or three days. When they call at the Legation, I first
find out if some women are not aboard with no
male relatives (once I found too many of that sort) I
then propose to supply the place of a big brother, and
take them in in my carriage to the Treasury, or palaces,
and let others get their own conveyances & follow,
This gratifies my own feelings, and prevents others from
suspecting that I am partial in my courtesies as
to them.

Gov(?) Alger was here last week -- the one
who pocketed the negro vote in Convention, & came
so near being nominated in place of Harrison.
I did not intend that he should go home and
accuse me of ignoring him, because he was
a republican. So I arranged to present him
at the palace to the Sultan -- a thing seldom done


[Adele?] [?]. I must finish this letter as I can in intervals of
lesisure. We have had ship loads of [globe] [transfers?]
from New York, Boston, and Chicago, chiefly in [this?]
list/last who seeks -- One could show much courtesy
[as to] or nine hundred who came to stay with is [?] [?]
or three days. When they call or [?] legation, i first
find out if same number are not aboard with no
more [?] (once I found too many. [?] [?])
them broken to supply the [piece?] of a big brother, and
take them in in my [Comiace?] to the treasury as palaces [?]
and [let?] others get their new [?] and [?].
This gratifies my own feelings and prevents others from
[sustaining?] theirs. I am partial in my [Contessa?] as
to new.
Due Alfer [?] may new [lists?] meh. They are
who [packets?] this [n...] not in [C...], [+]cause
so near being [m...] in place of [Hamiu?].
I did not [m...] that he [sl...] fo hence and
a curse [nil?] of igurning [?] [niece?], because he has
a [... ?]. So I [a...] to deserve [niece?]
as the palace to the [Tultans?]. a thing seldom [de...]