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make it a place to be seen and enjoyed.

But with all this "I want to go home", and yet cannot
until conditions here improve. I cannot think that this
uncertainty will last long -- and I will soon determine
whether Mrs Terrell should come here, or I go home.
I cannot reconcile myself to the idea of remaining
here another year without Mrs Terrell.

If hard work continues to press me, I will not
certainly remain by myself. What I chiefly regret
is that I find no time to write of my experiences
and observations. I find out so many things. Just
think of it! I never found the old Thesalonica so near
me (Turks have changed all the names) of which Paul wrote,^(now Salonica)
or the place where St Andrew preached (until very old)
and died; or the spot to which Belisarias was banished +
a dozen other things, which no guidebook refers to, + are
only preserved in Old Greek authors (never translated)
-- never found or knew of these things until I
returned, and now cant find time to write about
them + so many other things

Well,-- I know you are tired of this. You
and Albert are young, and I hope have a happy life
before you. Mine has been a sad + chequered one; full
of disappointments. Be happy with each other. The world is
selfish + you will find but little content, outside.

Sincerely your friend

A. W. Terrell

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