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Asia do not feel comfortable. They fear the outburst
of fanaticism after the Commission now investigating
alleged atrocities at Sassun or Mush were(?) reports.
They and have recently observed unusual symptoms of
a feeling of prejudice. One cannot forget that outburst
of fanaticism in Lebanon where 10,000 were killed
in a few days; nor the terrible sacrifice in two
days of over 5,000 Greeks in this city during the revolution
in Greece, nor yet the more recent atrocities in Bulgaria.

It is the same race that propagated its
faith with the sword, and in spite of much that we
sees {sic} in them to admire, is bloodthirsty and cruel
when excited by fanatical hate; for they look on all
others as "infidels" and attach to that word a more
hateful meaning than Christians do.

As late as 1876 two consuls at Salonica
(French -- and German,) were murdered by a mob, in
an hour after it started; and yet it ended in no
war, but an apology and the hanging of a few Turks.

They have however lost so much territory
in late years that they will not venture now I think
to provoke the hostile resentment of United Christendom.

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