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Constantinople April 4th 95

Dear Miss Adelle

Your letter was indeed a pleasant
surprise, and I greatly prize it. Usually these days
when I open a letter I feel sure in advance that
somebody wants me to do something. Now, I have
so much to do, and usually so little time to do
it in, that opening a letter usually produces a
feeling akin to sadness. Judge of my surprise in
receiving a long, newsy, social letter, and from
a lady friend who did not express an anxiety
for me to do something for her!

I grieve that I cannot reciprocate with
such a letter; for what most concerns me I
cannot talk or write about. The Armenian
question must be a sealed book to my
correspondents for the present. I can however say
something about conditions here, that may
interest you.

Our Missionaries here and in the interior of

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