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from Hamdy Bey to me in Constant. and according to
Hamdy's written information to Dr Peters and through the
letter to the committee) -- had been shipped by Mr. Curmusi
long before this. I therefore thanked him heartily and begged him
to excuse my liberty for accepting Hamdy's offer to look
after the Custom House Irade himself -- an offer which I should
not have accepted in view of Hamdy's many other duties.
Our American Minister would have gladly acceptedconsented to
do us this favor himself, as we were obliged to him for other
courtesies, and as he was a great friend of the Museum in
Constantinople." So I had only asked him, to convey our thanks once more"

My proposition, dear Judge Terrell, would be this: Would
you be kind enough to send over to the Museum your
cavass or somebody else (directly to Halil Bey, director),
with the message that you had been requested, once more
to thank His Excellency for this courtesy, as you had been
informed by me, that doubtless the boxes had been sent
to Philad. by the Museum through Mr. Curmusi. Halil Bey
will have to answer your waiting cavass by letter, and you
will then be enabled by a direct message him to judge

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