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{In a different hand at top right, in pen}
J[ny] 95 {= "January 1895", date of receipt?}

{In a different hand at top left, in pencil, with a flourish after the final T}

{Printed letterhead}
University of Pennsylvania
Department of Archaeology and Palaeontology

Babylonian Section,
H. V. Hilprecht, Curator
{handwritten text begins below}

Philadelphia, Dec. 30, 1894

Dear & esteemed Judge Terrell,

To judge from the newspapers, the Armenians must
create a great deal of trouble everywhere, and doubtless your
mind is occupied more than ever with hundreds of problems
to solve the questions which you understand to manage with
such eminent skill. These lines are written principally
to assure you that whenever I am asked and pressed con-
cerning the Armenian question - and this is often enough -
I try to give a truer account of the real state of affairs
than most of our newspapers do. The good American heart
sees the blood of hundreds of innocent women and children
and only cruelty on the side of the "abominable Turk." But
they do not know here, how on the side of Armenian egotistic
subjects of foreign states nothing is left undone to paint
coloured and one sided accounts calculated to make an
impression on the Christian heart of the American people

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