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procuring an answer from his Majesty.
He then proposed that I should telegraph
to the President and ask him to personally
select an American Director for the Commercial
here (whose selection I had requested
him to make) and that on his arrival here the
Sultan would place him on the Turkish Commission.
This proposition seemed so transparent, that
I declined to entertain it.

Finally the Sultan said that he would [ab....]
take the judgment of his Council of Ministers
to day, and then give me his answer.
In a lengthy conversation that followed in
regard to the Armenian question, he emphasised
the fact that it was unjust for Christian nations
to charge any irregularities in Sassun, to religious
prejudice - that religious toleration was more pro-
nounced in Turkey than in any Government in
Europe. All who worship the one God are
alike free, and only the idolatrous fire-worshiper
prohibited; that there were over seventy
Armenian Christians on his Civil list, many


............ his majesty
... ... ... ... should Telegraph
to the President and ask him to personally
select an American Director for the
College here ... thre selection. I had requested
... to ... and then... his

This proposition seemed to
I declined

American Christians on his Civil list, many