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with their wives and children than any other
Christian power. I informed him that public
opinion in the United States rendered my request
a very serious one, and therefore I had insisted
on having a positive answer to my demand to
send Mr Jewett to make an independent inquiry,
direct from his own lips, and not from the Porte.

He then reviewed his actions in the premises, by
stating, that to secure a functionary from a friendly
neutral Power, he had postponed his answer to
the demand of England to send one of her consuls
to Sassun, and requested me to nominate an
impartial American citizen to sit as a member of
the Turkish Commission, with permission to note
in its report his own conclusion on points of difference.
That when this request was refused by the United States
he had agreed with England, Russia, and France
that each should appoint a representative of
the consuls at Ezeroum (but not a consul) who
should accompany the Turkish Commission, and
have full power to secure a thorough investigation

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