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to love his enemies. If the firman never
issues, Dr Smith should feel releived {sic}; for no
American gentleman should desire to see
consummated a "bargain" wrongfully "drove"
by a pagan ruler with an American Minister.

The general fear now is, that the
Sultan may not be able to protect Missionaries
when the report of the Commission is known._
If that fear is realized, no drop of innocent
blood will be on my garments._ Let those
who at a safe distance are exciting popular
prejudice here, look to their own._

Whenever I permit Dr Judson Smith
to dictate my personal relations at a Court
to which I am accredited, or to mould my
opinions on the last of his prejudices, -
and about matters of which he is ignorant,
I will quit a post that is no longer attractive,
and of which I remain for a time, only.
from _

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