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to control my estimate of the Sultan's
character, when no one of them has ever
been admitted to his presence

My services here belong to my
Country, - my convictions are my own.
The expression of the latter has always
been subordinated to considerations of
public policy; but how they shall be
formed, must be determined by myself

To cultivate cordial relations with
this Sultan is my duty under plain in-
structions, and I can only pity the misguided
men who fail to understand that thus
I can best promote the interests of our people.

And now, after securing that
iridi, the first of the kind ever issued, _*
, which had long been desired, and worked
for in vain by my predecessors, - to be _put_

*It exempts a property worth $75.00 from taxation forever.
It is the first of any kind ever obtrained by a minister; for
all here know that an American Admiral obtained the Robert College one

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