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rule in the United States, I would be
glad if you would authorize me to demand
that I be received in the order of my arrival, at the Porte
, and if Turkey cannot do this, then to announce
that my wishes will be conveyed to the Porte
when verbally expressed, by my Dragoman; when
in writing, through him; and when a verbal
communication by myself in person is nes-
cessary {sic}, then at some place and in at
some hour when Ambassadors will not
{inserted later between this line and the next, in smaller script that runs down the side of the page: "¶ I present the question from the stand point of business. Ours is as important / to our people as that of other representatives to theirs; and it seems to me should not be postponed in deference to the gewgaws and trappings of an Ambassadors rank"}
interfere. I think I will correct the partiality
shown Ambassadors at the Selimlik ceremony
through the Sultan himself. The other I will
endure until I can hear your opino(?)
receive your answer to this

I have the honor to remain,
Your Obedient Servant,
A.W. Terrell,

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