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interests, insists that Art III of the Treaty
of 1830, vests in me the right to protect
all Turkish subjects who are employed
by Americans as teachers; and that an
opinion of Caleb Cushing, once given,
sustains him. I see no such mean-
ing in that Article.

The concession made in your tel-
egram of the {inserted in pencil: 27 Oct 1893} and contained
also in Mr Cleveland's message, of the
right to Turkey, as a sovreign, to ex-
clude or expel "undesirable persons",
will, if necessary, be made available
to get rid of Armenian teachers.
Being Protestants, their presence and
employment in American Schools, is
not only undesirable to Turkey but
to every power whose policy is influ-
enced by the Catholic and Greek Churches

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