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Grand Vizier, that no search would be made
of the Schools, in the absence of a consul
; that the Missionaries feared a systematic ef-
fort to destroy in this way the Missionary Schools,
and that I would send Mr Riddle to Aintab.
A copy of this telegram is enclosed.

I learn from Dr H. O. Dwight that only
two of the accused parties are, in fact, con-
nected with American Schools, + that both of
them are Ottoman subjects, though one is a
graduate of Yale College.

These arrests, made at a time when
there is no armed sedition in Asia Minor,
and coupled with the earnest regret, ex-
pressed to me by the Grand Vizier, that
Armenian teachers are employed in the
American Schools, are suggestive of
the methods adopted to destroy the College
at Marsovan. Certainly no more effective

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