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Enclosure 1/9/
United States Consulate
Beirut December 25. 1894.

Honorable Luther Short
Consul General of the United States


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I beg now to bring to your
attention and the notice of our honorable
Minister the enclosed complaints from
Mersine and Tarsus. I have endeavored
in every way possible to temporize
and stare off trouble, but it looks at
this distance as if it is impossible. From
the number of demands and threats and
demonstrations on the partof the Governor
of Adana and from the closing of churches
and schools at Beylan and Aintab it
appears that the Armenian question
and other difficulties are on in this district,
not with the violence and activity that
mark affairs on the far interior but with
sufficient force to alarm our Missionaries
and to call for the powerful protection

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