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experiences, that it will be long ere
we see him again.

Is there no security against
such perfectly arbitrary arrests! You
will pardon us for seeing in them
and in other facts an indication of
unscrupulous hostility against all our
schools. May we not ask your kind
assistance? Indeed, it is our hearty wish
that you would come up here to Mersine,
Tarsus and Adana to examine into
these matters, and give us the pleasure
of personal acquaintance with you.
Be assured, it is with very great
reluctance that I depart from my
ordinary ways of work to call in
help from Government, but there seems
no other way of protecting our school
from another attack. We have always
inculcated upon our pupils the duty
of rendering prompt and loyal obediance
to the Government of their country.
I may rightfully claim, also, that the
school - like all others managed by
Americans - is doing the highest

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