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days. No charges were made against
them. Their books and papers were
examined and declared free of blame.
The Vali promised me they shoud be
released and sent to Tarsus. But instead
of this, they were all forwarded to
Marash under guard, and forbidden
to return. The absence of their teacher has
very seriously embarrassed to work of the
school. I should have written you at once
of the matter, but by irregularity which I
hope you will pardon I addressed my
complaint directly to our Minister at
Constantinople,- from whom I have
as yet received no reply.

(2) Yesterday, another of our teachers,
Mr. Michael Minassian, was arrested
and taken to Adana. No charges were
made against him and indeed no
charges can be laid to his account,
for he is a thoroughly upright, con-
scientious man, absorbed in his work
of teaching and never having had the
slightest connection with forbidden
societies. etc. We fear, from past

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