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Enclosure No 2 with dispatch No of Decr 25. 1894.

Copy. St. Paul's Institute
Tarsus Dec. 11. 1894
Thomas R. Gibson Esq.
U. S. Consul, Beirut

My dear Sir,

Permit me to call your
attention to some matters of im-
portance here. I may premise by
saying that this is an American
School of College grade; with a
Board of Trustees in New York City,
whose resident is Rev. H. M. MacCracken
D.D. Chancellor of the University of the
city of New York
. It is also formally recognized
as such by the Turkish Department of
Instruction, and holds the regular
"Rou Khsat" as prescribed by law. In
every respect the requirements of the
Turkish law relating to schools of this grade
have been complied with.

(1) In October one of our teachers
Rev. Krikor Behesnehian, when on his
way from Marash to join us, was arrested
and imprisoned in Adana, along with
four of our pupils. They lay there forty

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