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on Christians by Moslems is of almost
weekly occurrence. Fifteen Turks recently
abused a woman and her daughter
in Aintab till they were so injured
that they did not recover. They are well
known to resort to this constantly in
times of war and massacre. It is a
favorite method with them of terror and
of vengeance. Adequate measures ought
to be taken to secure the safety of the many
ladies in the interior while it may be
done and ere a store of regrets be prepared.

I had hoped to prepare a number
of despatches with each subject on a
different sheet, but being very feeble
in health and the steamer coming
a day sooner than it was expected
I could not do it.

Praying God to establish
right and overthrow all wrong

I am, yours respectfully,

(Sig). D. Metheny per R. J. Dodds

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