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I do not think it amiss to understand
before taking further steps. The other American
Missions about us have not had any
such demands made upon them yet.
Nor have the French nor the British.

Another point, is simply restraining
the Valy of Adana from execution of
his mischievous threats an adequate
adjustment of the matter especially where
his officials have defamed our honorable
Minister by saying that he had authorized
the violation of our domicile and was
in full sympathy with the Valy's
purposes? Allow me to suggest that it is
not. He ought to be made an example of as
a warning to others. His immediate
removal from office should be at least
one part of the adjustment.

Now while the massacre sentiment
is rife with Moslems, and horrible
cases of rape occurring in Hadjin, Marash
and Aintab and other places it is very
necesssary to take strong precautionary

Rev. J. C. Martin says that rape

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