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No, Dear Sir, I take this as the proper
time and occasion to demand equal
privileges and rights with those of other
nations who are in the same calling.
We have made our investments in
good faith relying upon rights guaranteed
by the treaty. Leaving out of view the higher
aims and motives of our work it has
a mercantile aspect. Is it right
from even this view to let all the
rights and privileges solemnly
guaranteed to us go by default?

I wish to open every school that
was registered before and to have those in
our company freed from intimidation.
I do not like the insinuation against
our Government in the advise given
on every hand, and even by friendly
officials, to put them under British
protection. Do you Sir?

May we not also ask why our
domicile in Mersine is singled out
of many and made an exception of
Or is the order a general one to all
American schools?

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