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of intimidation, fine, imprisonment and
expulsion over forty schools were closed,
and remain so. Also police were sent to
intercept children on their way to schools.
Caradawar near Mersine, with a school
of one hundred and eight Moslem children
was thus threatened and our work destroyed.
My contention is that the Turks have
rendered the Berlin Treaty nil by these
various methods. Only schools in
of foreigners remain intact.
This last move is against what
remains of our work.

The telegram says for us to
surrender the girls if they are Turkish
subjects. The Honorable Minister is
more generous to the Turks then they
had asked him to be. They asked the
privilege of taking children of Moslem
parentage but the Minister concedes
them the right of demanding all
Turkish subjects. They may ask all
our pupils and we are commanded
to give them up one and all on the
mere demand of the proper civil authorities!

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