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to take a still further step, I believe,
when his term of office came to a close.

The Turks trumped up the charge
against Daoud Saade, one of our teachers,
of being a Russian spy, and imprisoned
him. When the charge broke down, they
brought another against him of circulating
inflammatory literature. This also they
found it impossible to establish, but
kept him imprisoned three years and
three months on the testimony of the
policemen who had arrested him, who said
that he had cursed the Sultan. When
this long term of imprisonment had
expired he was expelled. He is now a
licensed preacher in Cyprus.

In speaking about this with
Mr. Strauss I told him it would be the
first of a series of like cases if it should
prove successful. To which the Minister
replied, "I will see to that." But soon after
that, much to our grief and disappoint
ment he left Constantinople.

Daoud's case was quickly followed
by others until by the various devices

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