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statement. When I had asked him to consider
it as if the application of his own son
were the case in point. He then called for
the Mudeer - El Maarif, Rev R. J. Dodds
also being present, and charged him to
make no further mention of this matter,
nor to ever allude again to the girls.

If the same girls about whom
the fuss was made last year are in-
cluded in the present demand, I would say,
first that they are all of age according
to the strictest interpretation of the law,
second that the two in Mersine have
on their own intelligent profession in
Christ being baptized and are members
of the Reformed Presbyterian Church here.
And third that if they are meant there
has been no arrangement made as yet
for the paying of their expenses for all
the years they have been with us. They
were put in our school by the free
act and consent of their parents. Then
too to bind them by what is a strong
point with that race of people their dowry
rights were transferred to me. I can

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