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Enclosure No 1 with Despatch No 51. of Dec 25 1894.


Mersine, Turkey
Dec 20 1894

Hon. Thomas R. Gibson
U.S. Consul
Beirut, Syria,

Dear Sir,

We have read your prompt --
and reassuring letter of 15--th December.
Be assured of our appreciation of your
efficient action. Your ask "who are the
girls and why are they demanded."
Rev. J. C. Martin could not remember
their names. The Valy told him that he
would not allow Moslem girls, or
children, in Christian shools and this is
the reason of the demand for the girls.

For forty one years our Mission
has been in operation, during all of
which time Moslem children have
been in our schools. Most of these
have not had a single christian in
them, while some are mixed, but
none have been exclusively for
Christians. For over thirty years I

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"Shools" clearly an accidental misspelling of "schools".