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reached Constantinople the same day and you
would have heard his story by word of mouth).

From Bozuyuk he was compelled to walk
to Pazarjuk, a distance of from 25 to 30 miles,
and from there to here (a two days' journey)
he was brought in a springless wagon; he
was so weak and exhausted that he had
to be lifted out of the wagon, in doing this
they let him fall and, shame to relate, in
this Capital city of the Hudivendigliar
he was in this condition again
thrust into the common prison for the
night; he must have been burning up
with fever for they said he wanted water
all the time.

As to the antecedents of Mr. Weber, we know
very little, neither is it apparent what his
business was in Koniah, we infer from
some writing found among his papers
that he passed through Eski Shehir and
he may have been in search of work on
the railway which is being constructed
in those parts; he was evidently poor and
may have been obliged to beg, but in any
case it remains for our Government to say

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