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weight, about 170 pounds ; age, 70 years.

Mr. Weber reached here on the evening of
the 28th of March and the first intimation
we had of his arrival was the announce-
ment of his death the folowing morning.

All that we could learn of the case
from the authorities here was that he had
been arrested on suspicion (an old man
of 70, not knowing any of the language of
the country, could not have been a very
suspicious character) by the Vali of Koniah
and was being taken to Constantinople.

We have no information of his journey from
Koniah to Kutahya, we do not know how
long he had been on the way, to what storms
and cold he had been exposed without any
suitable protection for he was very thinly clad,
we do not know how many nights, hungry
footsore and sick, he had faced in filthy prisons
or what indignities he had to
endure from criminals of every class into
whose company he was every evening
thrown. We are informed that he was
brought from Kutahya to Bozuyuk by train
(if he had been left on the cars he would have

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