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Prousa, Turkey
April 17th, 1895

A. W. Terrell,
Envoy extraordinary and Minister plenipotentiary
of the United States of America
near the Sublime Porte,

Her British Majesty's
vice Consul, Mr. Hermann Scholer, has com-
municated to you the fact that Mr. George
, a naturalized citizen of the United
States of America
, died here in prison on
the 29th of March. I do not know how
fully he reported the circumstances of the
case, in fact we have so little information
about the matter that I am prompted to
call your attention again to it as an
outrage demanding the fullest investigation.

By way of description I would say that
Mr. Weber was about 5 ft. 5 in. tall; hair and
full beard, gray; head, very large; chest
very full, in fact the upper part of the
body was out of proportion to the limbs
and feet, which were quite small;

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