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of my collections of antiquities which
I shall send when completed.

The extent of my land on the
plateau inside and outside the walls
of Troy is about 80 acres. The tax I
pay annually is [sign for Turkish lira?] 6371/2 (m[.....] at 19)
which at 4 per mille (that is [no new?]
tax) would give a value of [sign for Turkish lira?] 159125
or about $6500. This is above the
value of cultivable land in general,
but I suppose the(?) antiquities contained
therein a greater value is set on it.
However I would sell this property
for £1000/$5000, which is a moderate
sum considering the very interesting
remains therein discovered and to be
discovered. Were I a younger man
with the chance of a longer life I
would not part with my property,

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