1 Notarized document concerning Michael Brown, 1810




United States of America
State of New-York

By this Public Instrument,
Be it known to all whom the same doth or may concern That I,
William Williams Jr. a Public Notary in and for the State of New-York, by Letters Patent under the Great Seal of the said State, duly Commissioned and Sworn; and in and by the said Letters Patent invested "With full Power and Authority to Attest Deeds, Wills, Testaments, Codicils, Agreements, and other Instruments in Writing; and to administer any Oath or Oaths, to any Person or Persons:" Do hereby certify, That on the Day of the Date hereof, before personally came and appeared.

Michael Brown a mulatto man being about fifty six inches high having a scar on each eye brow and a mole on his upper lip and [] and another on his left ankle
who being by me duly sworn, according to Law, did solemnly depose and declare, that he is about Twenty Nine years of age, and thane was born in Baltimore County in the State of Maryland in the United States of America
and I, the said Notary, do further certify, That the Acts of Congress of the United States, authorizing the granting of Protections to American Seamen, by the Custom-House Officers, do not provide for People of Colour,

Wherefore the said, Deponent
having made oath as aforesaid, have granted him this Public Instrument to serve and avail himself as need and occasion may require–to the end that he may not be interrupted or molested in the prosecution of his lawful business, either at sea or on land; but may be permitted to pass and repass accordingly.

DONE at the City of New-York, in the said State of New-York, the 2nd Day of August in the Year one thousand eight hundred and Ten
Michael [his + mark] Brown
W Williams Jr

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[] = creased page, illegible.

P Restad

1810 document. How is this document related to Martin case? Why is a NY official notarizing this document? What are the particular rights of sailors referenced here?