7 Verdict John Wells




Phebe Martin
John Wells

In this case the defendant comes into
court and defends on and by modistation*
and in nowise admiting [sic] the ability
of the said Plaintiff/Phebe to sue in saith
that he is in no wise gilty [sic] of the trespas [sic]
assault and battery and imprisonment
complained of in the plaintiff's Declaration and of this he puts himself on
the Country.
J. Williams/ attorney for Wells
[name here is illegible. Looks like it begins D W Ba ]
attorney for Defendant
and the plaintiff also
[signature] [illegible name, assumed to be P.M.]

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Uriel Perez

* = modistation possibly meaning "mode of understanding"

P Restad

This document (#7) is the front page of document the verdict, written on Document 6.