R. Jack to C. Jack, letter, 1860




Left side of paper:

Mauritius, 8th March 1860

My dear Charles,

Yours of 28th Novm/59 reached me by last mail on 15th [?] bearing postmarks, Bandera Tx 5th Decm, New York 21st Dec, British Mail “recv Southampton London Jan 2, the mail for Maurtius leaves on the 18th of every month So, I think the best way for both of us is to put our letters under cover to Gardeyne [apparently a business associate in London] as the center of the world is London.

Your letter is again a long Preface! I don’t understand your position yet, wandering from Illinois to Texas, in Search of what? to live alone without a hand to help you except by buying Niggers enormously dear $1400 for 1 man then to run away from you at New Orleans,

Right side of paper:

Robt Jack
March 8th/60
ansd June 1st
care of Mr. Gardyne
2nd & New City Champ

Charles Jack Esq.
Bandera, Texas

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Letter, Robert Jack to Charles Jack, 1860.